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Get AWS S3 Bucket Size

How to determine AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) bucket size from command line:

  • Install AWS Cli – Command Line Interface
  • Run the following command
aws s3 ls s3://<bucketname> --recursive  | grep -v -E "(Bucket: |Prefix: |LastWriteTime|^$|--)" | awk 'BEGIN {total=0}{total+=$3}END{print total/1024/1024" MB"}'

Where <bucketname> needs to be substituted with the name of the bucket. If the bucket name is “”, the command will be:

aws s3 ls s3:// --recursive  | grep -v -E "(Bucket: |Prefix: |LastWriteTime|^$|--)" | awk 'BEGIN {total=0}{total+=$3}END{print total/1024/1024" MB"}'

Bucket size will be returned in MB.